Honor Code

Last updated on August 3rd, 2021

Stranerd’s Honour Code aims to communicate academic integrity in the Stranerd learning process and seeks to maintain the highest standards of conduct while improving learning. This Honour Code defines the expected standards which must be adhered to by all parties involved, in the conduct of academic affairs on Stranerd.

Stranerd embodies a spirit of trust, honesty amongst others, which is central to facilitating the learning process of every academic. Stranerd’s vision is one that intends to facilitate learning but the adoption of good learning habits and discipline. Our core values are embedded in the very letters of our name:

S - Student forever, because life is an endless learning experience.

T - Teacher when I can be, because knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

R - Responsibility to the learning community, to uphold such principles that contribute to the learning process.

A - Academic honesty must be demonstrated at all times, in terms of attribution where and when due, reporting accomplishments accurately, paying the required body for services rendered.

N - Never stop learning.

E - Expertise is a result of constant stimulation of the mind.

R - Reading develops mental ability .

D - Diligence in all academic endeavors.

As a Student,

It’s very straightforward. Do not cheat, do not help others cheat. Stranerd provides a platform for learning through collaboration and should not be used as an avenue to cheat.

Do not:
Use information from Stranerd to cheat on a test or assignment
Post answers to a test, being fully aware that such tests might be used in the future by your institution and that future takers of the test may be on Stranerd
Use Stranerd on your phone to cheat or commit malpractice

As a Tutor,

Engage with students in a manner that conveys integrity, maturity and upholds all our Policies, Terms & Conditions as well as this Honour Code.

Do not:
Aid any student to cheat either within or outside Stranerd Websites or Services
Extend any communication initiated through the use of Stranerd Websites or Services outside Stranerd
Act in a manner that reflects poorly on Stranerd and may make the public to view Stranerd in a bad light

Honour pledge

As a member and User of Stranerd services, I pledge to abide by all policies as communicated and will conduct myself and all my actions with utmost integrity which this platform represents. I will not engage in or assist any act of dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism or any act that compromises the integrity of this platform. I understand and agree to be subject to the appropriate disciplinary actions which my insubordination may attract.

Reporting Honour Code Violations

If you have found test questions or answers on Stranerd that are in violation of this Honour Code, please submit a report to us at support@stranerd.com and we will address the issue promptly.